Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Work

I've officially decided to apply for MCAD's Graduate program (potentially to start Fall 2012). During the next three months, I have the exciting, albeit daunting, task of putting together a quality portfolio of 20 pieces (not to mention an artist's statement, letters of recommendation, and figuring out all the financial mumbo-jumbo).

The direction I've decided to go is in the realm of autobiographical illustration. I've challenged myself to portray my daily activities in a visually interesting way, hoping that the assignment would, in turn, inspire me to do more interesting things on a daily basis (Sleeping in, going to work, and coming home to watch episodes of 30 Rock does not a masterpiece make). In recent weeks, the element of my internal goings-on have seeped into the picture. I've decided to follow this idea of internal/external happenings to see if it could lead to something interesting.

So far, I'm still skeptical that the finished pieces will be at all interesting to look at. I'm nervous that the concept is too self-important, or self-centered, or some other self-something. But I think that's the risk taken when choosing oneself as the subject matter.

Above is a [pretty-much] finished painting, while below is the beginnings of a large sketch, eventually to become a painting. Hopefully I can keep powering through, because come January, I need to wow some strangers with 20 pretty pictures.

Note: These photos were taken with my cell phone, so pardon the quality. It's midnight and I don't feel like dragging cameras and cords out.

SECOND NOTE: I just realized that the second drawing might be unclear: I'm sitting on the BUS. Not the toilet. Ok. Carry on.