Sunday, February 28, 2010

one of the things I miss about Chicago:

treasure hunting in the alleys. The alleyway behind my house was a goldmine for art supplies-- meaning, pieces of wood, various electronic gadgets, and my favorite: old dresser drawers.

I went on a kick with drawers for a few months, leaving quite a few incomplete dressers in my path. I currently have a couple left unused. We'll see if I get a second wind.

Some of the more successful ones:


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Returning Home

Well, after a year and half in Chicago followed by a brief stint in Portland, Maine, I've returned to my hometown: McHenry, Illinois. A primarily blue-collar town of roughly 25,000, McHenry seems to be a bit more charming since I last called it "home". It's likely due to the proximity to my friends and family (in comparison to Maine), or maybe the fact that I can go roam in the woods and soybean fields behind my house. Whatever made my disdain for it fade, I plan on enjoying my time here, working on my portfolio, spending time with my loved ones, and seeing the town through wiser and more appreciative eyes.

Pictured: McHenry's water tower (which my dad, a civil engineer, helped design, if I'm not mistaken).

Friday, February 12, 2010


During our last week in Portland, Maine, Cooper asked me to draw him a pelican, an animal of which he is a big fan ("They're DINOSAURS!"). So here we are. Who knows, it might lead to more drawings of various waterfowl. But let's not hold our breath.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crossword Sketch II


Pictured: 12 Track Event; 49 Leave Out

Crossword sketch

To keep myself sketching, I decided to take some inspiration from one of my daily activities: the morning crossword puzzle. It will, no doubt, range between slightly dull and thoroughly bizarre, but at least I'm drawing and I'm keeping the ol' brain juices flowing (gross).

Pictured: 13 Deep Mud; 39 Easy Gait

the alphabet project

I stumbled across this old project of mine from my junior year of college. During an illustration independent study, I was directed to illustrate each letter of the alphabet (à la Chris Van Allsburg).

The task turned into a stream-of-consciousness sketchbook of sorts, where I started with the letter, and then jotted down some word association. When I felt like I had a clear image in my head, I would begin to draw.

Here are some that I liked best: